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Plugin Help

Authorware Plugin

The Authorware Web Player plugin is required for viewing some of the learning modules including First Year Biology CAL and SAM.

You can download the Authorware plugin from Adobe:

Choose the version appropriate for your system and once downloaded follow the installation instructions.

If using an Intel based Mac v10.5 or above, you need "Boot Camp" or "Parallels" software to run Windows OS on your Mac.

If using an Intel based Mac v 10.4 or earlier versions, make sure that your browser opens using Rosetta:

1. Close your browser

2. Go to your Applications folder and find your browser (e.g. Firefox)

3. Right click and choose "Get Info" from the menu

4. In the "Get Info" window, tick the box that says "Open with Rosetta"

5. When you are finished with the modules, it is best to return your browser to it's original settings (i.e. untick "Open with Rosetta")