Steps Involved in Moulting

diagram of steps involved in moulting
  1. Epidermal cells divide mitotically
  2. Space develops between epidermis and cuticle
  3. Moulting fluid, containing proteinases and chitinase, secreted into space. This fluid will digest the endocuticle but the enzymes are inactive when first secreted.
  4. Secretion of cuticulin for epicuticle
  5. When cuticulin complete, epidermal cells begin to lay down procuticle
  6. Moulting fluid activated. Enzymes digest endocuticle.
  7. Ecdysial lines (lines of little or no exocuticle, e.g. Y shaped line on head of grasshopper and down dorsal mid line of thorax) become discontinuities in cuticle.
  8. Insect removes itself from old cuticle (epicuticle and exocuticle).