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Below is a list of some sites you might find interesting and informative:

The University of Florida Book of Insect Records lists the champion insects of the world including categories such as the fastest flier, fastest runner, loudest and most toxic.

CSIRO Entomology is the largest single organisation in Australia conducting research into insects, related arthropods and terrestrial invertebrates.

Bugbios hosts a collection of high quality insect photos accompanied by name information and description.

Macleay Museum Invertebrate Collection, is one of the oldest and historically most significant insect collections in Australia. There are more than half a million specimens in the collection dating from 1756. A beginning has recently been made of putting a catalogue of the collection on the web.

Iowa State University Image Gallery has a large selection of insect photographs (with descriptions) including beetles, moths, butterflies, cicadas, true bugs and leafhoppers.

Iowa State University Entomology Index of Internet Resources has an extensive listing of insect-related internet resources.

Alien Empire is the website that accompanies the Alien Empire documentary series. Although the site is aimed at a younger audience it does have some good multimedia resources.

University of Florida Insect Orders and Common Families provides links to various pages illustrating and describing morphological characters for identifying the orders and families of common insects.

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