Table of toxic macrofungi.
D = Deadly (lethal cases have been reported)
P = Poisonous (usually non-lethal, symptoms severe)
C = Caution required (may cause unpleasant reaction, special preparations necessary)
Agaricus praeclaresquamosa P  
Amanita battarae C Ensure thoroughly cooked before eating
Amanita crocea C Ensure thoroughly cooked before eating
Amanita echinocephala P  
Amanita eliae P  
Amanita fulva C Ensure thoroughly cooked before eating
Amanita junquillea P Eaten in Sth. France, reported toxic in other parts of the world, may be due to sub-species
Amanita proxima D  
Amanita spissa C May be confused with A. pantherina
Amanita vaginata P Ensure thoroughly cooked before eating
Boletus calopus P  
Boletus lupinus P  
Boletus radicans P  
Boletus variegatus P  
Cantharellus cibarius C Contains traces of amanitin, may cause stomach upset if eaten in large quantity
Collybia fusipes P  
Cortinarius armillatus P  
Cortinarius bolaris P  
Cortinarius cinnamomeus P  
Cortinarius phaniceus P  
Cortinarius phoeniceus P  
Cortinarius sanguineus P  
Cortinarius semisanguineus P  
Cortinarus splendens P  
Entoloma cetratum P  
Entoloma conferendum P  
Entoloma lividum P  
Entoloma sericeum P  
Galerina autumnalis D  
Gymnopilus penetrans P  
Gymnopilus spectabilis P  
Heboloma crustuliniforme P  
Helvella acetabulum P  
Helvella leucomelaena P  
Inocybe corydalina P  
Inocybe fraudans P  
Inocybe griseolilacina P  
Inocybe rimosa P  
Lactarius helvus P  
Lepiota brunneoincarnata D  
Lepiota brunneolilacina D  
Lepiota clypeolaria P  
Lepiota cristata P  
Lepiota felina P  
Lepiota ignivolvata C Reports suggest that some Lepiota sp. contain amanitin
Lepiota ventriosospora P  
Mycena epipterygia P  
Mycena olivaceomarginata P  
Mycena pelianthina P  
Mycena rosea P  
Mycena rosella P  
Omphalotus illudens P  
Panaeolus semiovatus P  
Panaeolus sphinctrinus P  
Peziza badia P  
Peziza vesiculosa P  
Psilocybe crobula P  
Psilocybe montana P  
Ramaria pallida P  
Russula fragilis P  
Sarcosphaera coronia D  
Scleroderma verrucosum P  
Trichiloma sulphureum D  

Reference: The Great Encyclopedia of Mushrooms, R. J. Bouteville, 1999, Konemann Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Cologne.