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Soil Agar

Used to store soil fungi.

Approx 5g of soil is mixed with 1L of water. The water is shaken thoroughly, and filtered. Agar is added, the mixture autoclaved and plates poured.

Dung Agar

Used to grow dung fungi because of the fatty acids in dung.

Approx 3 pellets of fresh rabbit dung or equivalent is placed in 100ml water and blended. 2% agar is added, the mixture autoclaved and plates poured.


A good generalist medium.

Table 1: Ingredients for PDA.
Old potato 200g
Dextrose 18g
Agar 20g
Water make up to 1litre

Dice potatoes and boil for one hour. Sieve to remove coarse fragments, add dextrose and agar, add water to make 1L, autoclave, mix and pour.


V8 Juice Agar

Used to grow acidic fungi.

Table 2: Ingredients for V8 Juice Agar.
V8 Juice 200ml
Agar 20g
Water 800ml

Mix, adjust pH with CaCO4, autoclave and pour plates.



A good generalist medium, to which a variety of ingredients may be added. Note that MA is commonly acidic.

Table 3: Ingredients for MA.
Malt extract 20g
Agar 20g
Water 1litre

Variations include:

Malic acid (0.5% for basidiomycetes), Peptone (0.1% for zygomycetes), sucrose (20% for high osmotic pressure), Czapek salts (for extra minerals).

Dissolve malt extract, add other ingredients and agar, autoclave and pour plates.



Good generalist medium which is clear.

Table 4: Ingredients for NDY.
Czapek salts:  
NaNO 2g
KH2PO 41g
MgSO4 0.5g
KCl 0.5g
FeSO4 0.01g
Sucrose (glucose can be used) 20g
Yeast extract  0.5g
Agar 20g
Tap water 1litre

If you make up stock soltions, keep the phospahte separated, add to the final solution. Mix, autoclave and pour plates.


Sabouraud Agar

For culture of dermatophytes.

Table 5: Ingredients for Sabouraud Agar.
Dextrose 40g
Peptone 10g
Agar 20g
Distilled Water 1litre

Dissolve and mix. Adjust to pH 5.6, autoclave and pour plates.


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