Instructions For Saving Question Pages With Your Responses

These questions pages are similar to online forms in that you, the user, type data into a text area. Unfortunately, different browsers treat text areas differently - some will save the text in a text area and others will ignore it. That is why we have supplied a submit button which will reprint your typed answer beneath the text area (provided you have JavaScript enabled in your browser). You will have to experiment with the saving methods below to see which works best with your browser.

Save by copying and pasting:

After completing the questions, select the all of the text by pressing Ctrl A (or Command A for Mac) and then press Ctrl C (or Command C) to copy the text. Open up a new document in your word processing program (e.g. Microsoft Word) and press Ctrl V (or Command V) to paste the text into it.

Save As TEXT with the browser:

If your browser allows it, you may save the question page as text: go to File > Save As > and choose Text File (*.txt) in the Save as Type option box.

Both of the above methods will allow the saved question page to be fully editable in any word processing program.