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Recombination of Genetic Material Questions

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Sexual and parasexual are the most common and important events. Sexual recombination takes place during meiosis. Parasexual recombination is an uncommon phenomenon, first documented in fungi, which takes place during mitotic division.


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Neurospora is an Ascomycete with ascospores formed in a linear array in each ascus. Thus each spore may be cultured, and as a consequence, marker genes from first and second division segregation can be distinguished, reciprocal and non-reciprocal chromosomal exchanges can be detected, chromosomes can be mapped, and interference can be studied. The importance of Neurospora lay in the capacity to use each spore, and produce another cross or recombination within 2 weeks. The fungus was easy to grow. Crossing was much faster than fruit flies and other eukaryotic organisms. Bacteria became the laboratory work horses later, largely due to the need to work with an organism that had a relatively small genome.


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Haploids are immediately exposed to selective pressure because recessive alleles are not shielded as in diploids. Thus genes which are deleterious are removed immediately and those isolates that survive are functional organisms.


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Fungi have a small eukaryotic genome. The genome contains few duplicated genes. Also, plasmids are readily obtained and easy to use. Finally, fungi such as yeasts can be grown readily in factories where the environment is potentially controlled.


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