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WELCOME to Fungal Biology

This website aims to assist you to develop understanding of fungi.

Why Study Fungi?

If this is the first time you have used the website, and you know generally what you want to study click on EITHER the following questions to arrive at your chapter OR the chapter titles on the left:

What do fungi look like?

How do fungi grow and develop?

How do fungi feed themselves?

Is fungal reproduction complicated?

Where are fungi found?

If these questions do not suite you, a search facility (located on right) can be used to locate specific "words" used in the text. In addition, a detailed glossary of words used in the study of fungi is provided (click on logo at right).

If you have used the site before, use the headings at left to navigate through the content of the learning resource.

Most of the material in this website is text based. Images and animations have been used where necessary to illustrate concepts. In due course we will add video and sound. Hyperlinks enable you to move from topic to related topic.

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