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Understanding results


The purpose of the results section is to present the findings from the research and relate them to the research questions/aims/hypotheses presented in the introduction. Results are reported in a logical sequence, linking from one result to the next.

The results section sets the scene for the discussion section and may contain the following elements. If there are many results to report some or all of these elements may be repeated in a cycle.

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Results Element   Explantion
Location of results (in tables and figures)

Tells the reader where the results can be found.

Tables and figures

Present quantitative information in a table or graph.

Statement of result(s)

Explains the key results, often referring to tables and figures. Several results may be reported and in a more general way than in the table or figure, avoiding repetition of numerical data.

Comment on result(s)

May give a very brief comment on the result but does not interpret or evaluate the importance of the results (that is left to the discussion section). Comments in the results section may be generalisations from the results, possible reasons for the results (expected or unexpected) or a comparison of results with results from other studies.


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