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Understanding results


Here are two consecutive paragraphs from the results section of the article from Obesity (2006: 14, 5, 855−862) entitled: Energy Intake, Diet Composition, Energy Expenditure, and Body Fatness of Adolescents in Northern Greece by M. Hassapidou, E. Fotiadou, E. Maglara, and S. Papadopoulou.

Notice the ordering of the elements and that the cycle of elements is repeated in each paragraph: Location of result; statement of result; comment on result.

Click on the elements in the left hand column to see an example of each element or group of elements.

Results element     Example
Paragraph 1
Location of results in table

Table 1 shows the anthropometric characteristics of the adolescents of both sexes, overweight and non-overweight.

Statement of result

There were no differences in age between non-obese and obese children for either girls or boys.

Comment on result

As expected, weight, BMI, and body fat were significantly higher (p <0.05) in overweight boys and girls compared with the non-overweight groups. It should be noted that lean body mass was higher (p <0.05) in the overweight groups and that overweight boys were taller than non-overweight boys (p <0.05).

Paragraph 2
Location of results in table

Table 2 describes the average daily energy intake and expenditure of the subjects.

Statement of result

The overweight adolescents of both sexes reported a lower energy intake than did the non-overweight subjects (p <0.05). The difference was greater when energy intake was expressed as kilocalories per kilogram body weight (both sexes; p <0.01) and as kilocalories per kilogram lean body mass. Calculated energy expenditure (kilocalories per day) was found significantly higher (p <0.01) for the overweight subjects.

Comment on result

There was no statistically significant difference in the reported physical activity between overweight and non-overweight subjects. The difference in energy expenditure was mainly caused by RMR (resting metabolic rate) values.